Beauty of the spirit, is radiating a glow from within.

SK skin & wellness Is a combination of time tested natural products from Skeyndor Spain, where the scientist are gifted professional cosmetics, pioneer in research with international prestige. Renowned as the “Beauty experts”.
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women tightening skin

Re-fresh HIFU Promotion

The high-energy focused ultrasound is transmitted to the skin SMAS layers. The new tissue is stimulated to improve the skin texture and over all lifting tone of the skin and I found very happy clients, seeing an overall freshness to the tired old slack skins.

The Beauty equipment of its time, and still my favourite to see the fastest results in as little as 3 months with each day looking better than the last.

Our concept is based on healthy skin. If you think about a healthy body, its less likely to get sick because we look after our bodies through eating well and exercise.

Skin Maintenance is the key to longevity and timeless ageing, a healthy glow naturally.

Imagine having a compromised skin, purely because its has become weak over time. Without the proper home care, based off treatment’s performed in clinics. And of course a therapist knowledge in expert diagnosis to maintain the goal of a healthy skin.

SK skin also combines different modalities, such as skin reading, acupressure, Kinesiology and NLP. As this helps us to understand our clients’ needs in more ways than one.