Hope in a Jar... or results on your face

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anna owner SK skin

Hi and welcome to SK Skin Clinic. My Name Is Anna Zaccomer and I’m the owner and founder of SK Skin Clinic. I’m proud to say I’m celebrating 37 years in the beauty business.

Using my own face, and the treatments performed on my private clients, I have found a way to “age gracefully”, and to look your very best during each stage of your life both NON-INVASIVELY and NATURALLY.

For 10 years I have deliberately not used injectables or quick fixes in order to discover what I would look like without them. I’m NOT saying that I am against injectables, as I would like to think that on very special occasions such as my daughter’s wedding, I could tweak it.

But what I have found back in my Forties is that if I fixed my eyes, then I noticed my lips, then my cheeks and then skin slackness around my jaw, and so on. I was never satisfied and it was a temporary solution.

What I did discover is that “non-invasive” methods treated all these area’s equally and had lasting results.

“Here is my Mission for you if you to choose accept it!”

I’ve created a 3 month program of beauty formulas to get you the very best at each stage of your life. Selected, are my top 3 anti ageing formula’s for your face and body, that will have an impact on your wellbeing;

During every stage of our life and lifestyle our skin changes, facial treatments will differ, and of course I won’t be doing “one facial fits all”. You are in the best hands with each Beauty formula that I will suggest to follow and especially with the best choices for home care resulting in your BEST SKIN EVER!

Beauty Formulas that make a difference…BELIEVING that one facial and or one product won’t change your life!!!

That’s…Hope in a Jar